This is an important announcement for all customers located in the EU and UK

As you may have read, there have been some recent changes to how EU countries are handling the collection of VAT for overseas shipments. These changes are now in effect as of July 1st.  

In order to continue collecting VAT at checkout, we would need to register for an IOSS number. At this time, we aren't able to obtain one. Because of this, customers will have the option whether they'd like to make a purchase from our store here (, or on our Etsy site.

Import taxes, fees, etc are not the responsibility of Appleminte and we have no control over these, because these are imposed by the package recipient's country and they vary by country.

What if I make a purchase on

If you make purchases from and are located in the EU or UK, here is what you can expect:

  • VAT fees will not be charged during checkout
  • The customer may be charged VAT once their order has reached customs
  • Customs time will be slower as there will be a delay for all packages being processed that come from a store without an IOSS number 
  • The customer may be charged a processing fee, which can range anywhere from $5-$35 depending on which country they are located in. Each country has it's own fees. Please read up on your country's laws for more information.

NOTE: If you do not pay the VAT/processing fees in time, your package will be sent back to us. If this occurs and you you want it sent out again, you'll have to pay for shipping again. 

What if I make a purchase on Appleminte's Etsy?

If a purchase is placed through our Etsy site:

  • VAT will be charged at the time of checkout
  • The customer may experience slightly higher prices upfront due to Etsy's platform fees
  • Faster processing time at customs

Etsy will be calculating, collecting, and remitting VAT. Depending on the country, other fees may still apply and are out of our control.

>> Visit our Etsy site here <<

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, but unfortunately the situation is out of our control. By making a purchase on you consent that you have read and understand these changes.

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