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What is an ita bag?

An itabag is a great way to show off your merchandise! The front of the bag has a display window, and contains a large pocket to show off everything you'd like to. You can put pins, buttons, keychains, lights, plushies, postcards, and more in in the window.

About this product:

  • Convertible from a backpack to a crossbody bag
  • 9 inches tall x 10 inches wide x 4 inches deep
  • Comes with 3 inserts featuring different faces (blank, open eyes, closed eyes). Color is beige, but appears green-tinted in photo due to lighting.
  • Custom leaf-shaped gold-plated zippers
  • Custom deer tail zipper tag
  • Lined with a custom fabric inside
  • Many pockets!

Pins not included. Not eligible for coupon discounts or free shipping.